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Global. Virtual. Pioneering. Customer-centric. Hands-on.

Life is pretty informal at WCC and we value a good work/life balance. But we take our work seriously. Individual responsibility and a good feel for customer needs is what all our people share, but maybe even more so in Consultancy & Sales.  We employ people of 20 different nationalities; diversity and interpersonal relations strongly contribute to the great work atmosphere.

This is your workplace

This is your workplace in Consultancy & Sales

As a Business Consultant or a Business Development Manager you will be traveling a lot. You meet with customers and work on projects at the customer's site. But there is always home sweet home in Utrecht. 

Meet some of your colleagues

Meet some of your colleagues in Consultancy & Sales

"As Business Development Manager for employment software I travel a lot to North and South America"


"My consulting takes me to our customers to work on projects that involve complex solutions"


"We provide Advance Passenger Information software. WCC lets me work on that four days a week"

Time to demo

A typical day in Consultancy & Sales

You wake up in Riyadh or Vienna and start working on the implementation of our software. Meanwhile in Utrecht, your colleague prepares a presentation for a customer and makes a conference call to four other people spread around the world. One of the sales people drops in for an hour, then drives to Schiphol Airport to go see a prospect in Singapore or Peru.

Have a break

Time for fun @ Consulting

On our coffee breaks we chat and indulge in fresh fruit and other treats. We get together for drinks every month and for knowledge sharing we organize "pizza sessions". If you want you can join our karting competition.


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