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The "Feel"
Open. Friendly. Professional. Quality-minded. Supportive.

Life is pretty informal at WCC and we value a good work/life balance. But we take our work seriously. Finance, Marketing, HRM, Office Management, and System Support all work closely together to facilitate the work of everybody else in the company. We employ people of 20 different nationalities, and the diversity and interpersonal relations among employees strongly contribute to the great work atmosphere.

This is your workplace

This is your workplace in Corporate

It's great to work at the WCC head office. Glass walls, wide corridors, comfortable desks and all the equipment you need. In summer, you can eat lunch outside in the restaurant patio. 

Meet some of your colleagues

Meet some of your colleagues in Corporate

"Exhibiting in Canada or South Africa, everything must be perfect. That's how we stand out from the crowd."


"Our systems hacked? Not on my watch! Keeping our technical infrastructure up and running is crucial"


"I can't stop smiling whenever we hire someone new. You have an HRM question? Just ask me"

Time to demo

A typical day in Corporate

A day in Corporate may start with designing the banners and booth setup for the next event in Africa. Or planning a new webinar with Sales and deciding whom to invite. Finance might meet with Consultancy about the exact wording of a statement of work. At the same time, Office Management sends out an e-mail inviting everybody to the next quarterly company meeting, and HRM helps a new employee find housing in the area. System Support makes the necessary changes to the network to support the added work stations for the new employees.

Time for fun @ Corporate

Time for fun @ Corporate

On our coffee breaks we chat and indulge in fresh fruit and other treats. We get together for drinks every month and for knowledge sharing we organize "pizza sessions". If you want you can join our karting competition.


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