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Challenging. Professional. Agile.
Multi-cultural. Fun.

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The "Feel"
Multi-cultural. Professional. Relaxed. Challenging.

Life is pretty informal at WCC and even more so in Development. We value a good work/life balance, but we are very much aware that we work on some pretty serious stuff. The teams consist of junior, medior, and senior developers of all ages, and we employ people of 20 different nationalities. The diversity and interpersonal relations within the teams strongly contribute to the great work atmosphere. We always feel free to point out room for improvement to each other, so that we can continue to explore and advance together.

This is your workplace

This is your workplace in Development

Open, spacious, and a little geeky. Your desk can be a mess or almost empty. The windows are covered with sticky notes. LED lights flash on the ceiling. Big screens show what's done and what still needs doing. Conference calls are held with our development team in Serbia. Whenever they visit, they bring us their local plum schnapps.

Your challenges

Our Tech Stack

Meet some of your colleagues

Meet some of your colleagues in Development

"My passion is quality. As Quality & Test Engineer I make sure WCC software excels."


"As a Product Owner, I love to keep the team focused so we deliver on time."


"Bringing structure is what I like most about my role as Lead Architect."

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What we work on

In Development we make software that matters. For example HERMES, an application that screens airline passenger lists on suspect passengers. And we are building a new software solution that combines language analysis and contextual data with cutting-edge taxonomy technology to help find people sustainable jobs. Our typical customers are Public Employment Services, staffing companies, border control and law enforcement agencies. Examples include UNHCR and the public employment agencies of Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Time for fun @ Engineering

Time for fun @ Engineering

During coffee breaks we play foosball, and every month we get together for drinks. For sharing knowledge we have our "pizza sessions". Oh, and make sure to sign up for the upcoming LAN party, hackaton, and karting competition.


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