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About WCC
Why we do what we do
People in organizations have to make decisions. And in the markets we focus on, those decisions can have a profound impact on people's lives. To make the best decisions in an increasingly complex world, it is necessary to have advanced software. That is what drives us at WCC. Enabling organizations and people to make better decisions. How? By giving them the answers they need, not just the ones they asked for. We thrive on developing software that can make sense of large amounts of data, that can communicate in a human way with the users, and that delivers superior results so our customers can make a difference. We call that "software that matters".

What we do

WCC supplies software and services. Software that helps unemployed people find sustainable jobs and identifies high-risk persons at the airport without impeding legitimate travelers. But great software alone is not enough to get the best results. What sets WCC apart is the combination of remarkable search & match software with in-depth knowledge of our customers’ business.

Our focus is on two markets: Employment and Identity.

Employment – finding people sustainable jobs worldwide

Matching people with jobs effectively and efficiently is the core of this market, and WCC has proven to be unequalled in doing just that. We excel in this market because our Employment Platform delivers superior strategic value to our customers. Many of the world’s largest employment and staffing organizations use our products and expertise, including Randstad, Robert Half, and the public employment services of for instance Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Identity – fighting terrorism and crime around the world

Border management and law enforcement agencies face the challenge of quickly and accurately identifying people from huge amounts of data spread over many different databases and formats. The security needs of this market are stringent. WCC’s software incorporates the necessary evidence-based algorithms to make correct identifications. We are involved in several major projects in this challenging market, such as at UNHCR and the EU.

How to find us

Our open and spacious office is centrally located at business park Lage Weide in Utrecht, just 20 minutes from Amsterdam.
The office has its own parking area and is easily accessible by car via the A2 (near exit 6) and the N320.
You can also take a bus from Utrecht Central Station.

For more information about what we do and how we do it, see our main site.